Leela Devi Public Library

The Leela Devi Public Library was inaugurated on February 26, 2000 . It is a well equipped library managed by professionally trained personnel. It has more than 8500 books not only in English, but also in Indic vernaculars and subscribes to 31 Dailies and 34 magazines/journals from different parts of the country for the benefit and use of library members and the public at large. The library has sitting facility for 40 readers.

Cold drinking water
has been made available to users of the library through coolers attached with water purifier. The library has also the back-up support of generator since power cuts are a constant concern in the area. The library is extensively used by students and the elderly people of the neighbourhood in particular. To its credit, the Leela Devi Public Library is also an IGNOU Learning Resource Centre that was duly recognised as such after a year of its functioning. The library uses Alice for Windows by Softlink for cataloguing of books

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